Do you know why you are losing rank after the google algorithm update?

After updating Google updating, many websites dropped her rank. Other hands, many are got the first position. Why they won, and in the future, who will win?.

After a lot of surveying, analysis, and according to Big Fish data, I found Top 5 reasons for rank dropping, that’s are:

  1. Content doesn’t optimize with NPL and Semantic words. Also, not all topics are covered.
  2. Doesn’t reader-friendly, and inputted poor quality sentences.
  3. They don’t publish articles regularly (Weekly is better).
  4. Over-optimizing Backlink anchor text.
  5. A huge amount of backlinking. (even, Gust posting too)

How will you stay on the first page even after any Google update?

Focusing on 2021, there is no alternative without an in-depth article. An in-depth article means it doesn’t matter only long-length. You have to focus quality of every single sentence, even word. Also, you have to cover all topics that a customer wants to know.

Here is an example of an in-depth article structure according to Frase.oi (Content AI Tool):

How will you get rank again for existing content?

Already, I said how important content quality is. So you have to update content quality and structure. For NPL, Semantic Words, and Content Structure, take suggestions from an AI Content Tool (Surferseo, Frase, or Marketmouse).

Don’t focus on the backlink!

But for a new site after 5-6 months later, the basic backlink is much essential.

And If needs to backlinking follow these guides:

  • Don’t take multiple links from a page. Tell the guest post receiver, don’t make multiple external links; from that page, you are going to take the link.
  • Don’t use your keyword in the anchor text. (Google said, use like these “Click here,” “Check Here,” “Learn More,” etc.)
  • Don’t make Irrelevant, Spam or Software generate links.

Is here have any High-Quality Content Solution for me?

I think you got that you should not consider lower quality for web Content. But a high-quality article is much expensive.

So frankly saying, we are offering you High-Quality Content (SEO, NPL, Semantic Words, optimizing by Surfer and Frase) at a lower price. But not utterly the lowest price.

Cause you know that how hard work is required to prepare a High-Quality SEO optimized article.


  • 1K for info Article = $12.5 USD
  • 1K for Money Article = $15 USD

Check more here. (No commission for bulk order, sorry for that)

Thanks for reading this. I hope it’s a great suggestion for you although if you won’t be my client. I’m waiting for you.

Samrat Biswas

Niche School Team Manager

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