how you can get ranked on Google with ease

Google ranking is the most important part of content marketing for growing an online business. So for focusing 2021, you have to follow Google ranking ways. But it’s too difficult if you haven’t followed some ninja technique. So, here is how you can get ranked on Google with ease.

For example: Suppose you are a Fresh Fish seller in New York City. You have created a Brand New website for your business. Now how will you rank on Google very easily?

Below I’ve explained this answer in detail and all advance methods. You can apply these tricks for any kind of website, like “Amazon Affiliate,” “E-commerce Business,” or “Any Local Business.”

So don’t miss this article if you want to bring your website to Google top 1 position.

Step by step, here is how you can get ranked on Google with ease.

If your site isn’t like an online software-based service, use WordPress CMS. Cause WordPress is the most SEO friendly CMS that totally free. And it can be possible to customize as you need, also a ton of plugin library available.

If your website is an online software-based service, then you need to use your own CMS. So make your website SEO friendly. And make SEO-friendly tools to manage your content easily.

Ok, let’s know A to Z step by step.

Step 1: Niche & Keyword Research.

Sometimes this sound “Niche & Keyword Research” seems like the same. But these two have some differences.

If you have already selected a Niche or a running business, you don’t need to research Niche. But if you don’t know what your business is or which business you want to run, you need to research Niche. 

But keyword research helps to select a Golden Niche or Google ranking 1st step.

Ok, guys, come to the point. I think you have selected the Fresh Fish selling business for New York. Then your sheet keyword is like “Fresh fish in New York,” “Best Fish Seller in New York,” right?

Probably someone will suggest you make a website, then design an excellent landing page and start backlink. But, in 2020, this method is so tough. So, first, you have to target Branding or Authority. For this, you have to select many information keywords for helping your customers.

For example: “How to identify a fresh fish,” “How to cook a fish that will tasty,” ect like more. To find low competition information keywords, you can follow “” You can filter Quora ranked keyword by Ahrefs or SEMrush. Quora is a community site, so Quora is weak for on-page SEO. So definitely, Quora ranked keyword is low completion.  

Step 2: Website Setup.

To set up your landing page or blog page, best is using WordPress. And use a lite theme, best SEO plugin, best page builder, best speed optimizer plugin.

So, I will suggest to you:

  • GeneratePress WordPress Theme
  • Rank-Math Plugin
  • Elementor/Thrive Page builder plugin.
  • WP-Rocket for speed optimization.

These will help you to create excellent design landing and blog pages also best for loading speed. Because your site loading speed will over 3 seconds, it will drop your visitor and bad for Google ranking.

Step 3: On-Page SEO. 

After selecting the best keywords and setup website, you have focus On-Page SEO. Before targeting your Money keyword, you have to target low competition information keyword. Cause by targeting the information keyword, when you will get many organic visitors from Google, you can easily target your money keyword.

This way, you can grab your authority/brand. For example, Ahrefs not focusing on selling their service, also they are teaching new SEO techniques. So, when you grab authority to near people also Google will love you. So, write a high-quality article for helping your targeting people.

Anyway, I think you know that On-Page SEO is a simple matter.

For example: 

  1. Keyword placement
  2. Meta
  3. Image optimize.
  4. Robots.txt

Etc more, you will find a ton of tutorials from the web. So for the On-Page section, I will suggest you follow an advanced technique. Create infographic and video content for every post. This will help you to stay ahead of your competitor.

Step 4: Social Signal.

Social signal is most important for growing your brand awareness. So focus on popular social sites like (Youtube, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter).

Also, I will suggest to targeting “Quora.” You can get many organic customers like Google from Youtube, Quora, Reddit, and Pinterest. So don’t ignore these sites. 

So, before jumping the link building part, you have to share your post on these unique platforms. It will help you to rank Google and help to grab branding. You will probably see that your 50% of keyword ranked after completing On-page and social sharing. [It will depend on Keyword Research]

Step 5: Link Building.

Some guys are saying that the link isn’t working in 2020. But, in fact, the link is still working. But the bad or poor link isn’t working; in the link building section, you have to focus on quality.

A quality link is better than a thousand poor links. But, the link won’t work if your on-page is weak. Cause Google first look up your content quality. So, if you will focus on low competition keyword, and do well on-page optimization. You can easily rank on Google without a lot of link building.

Bottom line:

SEO isn’t a science or programming; SEO is a technique or Game, so you always have to learn. Also, you have to follow advanced ways. I think if you follow the above methods, you can get ranked on Google with ease.

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